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Tips for a Healthy Christmas Dinner

Christmas is the celebration of love and, unfortunately, of gluttony, that is why so many people looks forward to the holidays and especially time with anticipation. But there are also healthy Christmas recipes, although they have no means to provide fewer calories less flavor.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas with a difference of healthy recipes.

The oily roast goose and fried in butter Christmas carp are still the classic among the festive dishes. Then bacon dumplings, cream sauce, potato salad with mayonnaise and chocolate mousse are added, even the most benevolent calorie counter will have dizzy. The pleasure is diminished in the joint family reunion with crowded stomach, for obvious reasons, and often in heartburn is the result.

If you value a traditional Christmas dinner, the classic dishes with a few simple tricks defuse something. Instead the main dish to fry in fat to meat and fish can also be well cooked in the oven. The classic chicken filling is slightly lower in calories if you reduce the chestnuts in favor of apples, while potato salad tastes good with yogurt. As a gastro-resistant enclosure suitable rice and fruity desserts are the handsome and successful conclusion.

A recipe tip for a healthy Christmas dinner.

One is canned with a little oil and vinegar salad of raw vegetables as a first course is not only healthy, but saturated already in a pleasant way. Whoever does not immediately served the main course, not only has more time for being with the family, but by the late stay satiety also tricked the first cravings.

As a healthy and tasty main course is suitable with vegetables stuffed and cooked in the oven fish. Rice is more than just a side dish and available in many different variations. Surprise your family yet again with aromatic jasmine rice.

The dessert always comes when all are actually already sick and should accordingly be slightly. With yogurt and honey is canned fruit salad is not only delicious, but also still easily digestible.