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Christmas holidays – time heart attack?

At the Christmas holidays, statistically, many people hospitalized because of a heart attack. Especially men are susceptible to heart attack.

Christmas holidays In normal days, the health insurance companies recorded an average of 30 admissions per day. But on December 24 there are around 40, which is on a third more than in usual days. Especially for men, the Christmas season seems to be dangerous: of more than 60 percent of heart attacks happen with the men.

The main cause of the heart attacks at Christmas is stress from worries about gifts. Everyone wants correspond expectations of family and friends – all of that creates a lot of pressure in Christmas time. There are also professional work that need to be completed by the end of the year. If added lack of exercise, a lot of alcohol, unbalanced diet and smoking, increases the risk of heart attacks.

The doctors recommends the following strategies against Christmas stress:

Get rid of perfectionism, as far as possible, and scale down your own expectations about gifts for you and for your family and friends. Include all family in the Christmas preparations and make concrete arrangements. Create many activities aimed at motion at the Christmas days. Specifically take time for yourself to relax.

Even exercise and a varied diet should not be forgotten on holidays. So you can spend healthy and relaxing Christmas. Marry Cristmas!