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Clean teeth with non-foaming toothpaste

Toothpaste in addition to abrasive particles, also contains preservatives, flavorings and other additives surfactants, which provide the formation of the foam. In addition to health concerns against these cleansing substances also nausea while brushing your teeth or a dry mouth can be reasons to prefer a non-foaming toothpaste.

Non-foaming toothpasteThe toothpaste include adding of foaming agents, because they can be distributed better, coverings loosens and reaches the interdental spaces. The substances that produce this foam effect, however, are not without controversy. Especially the sodium lauryl sulfate seems the dental health but it is more likely to harm than to help because it can irritate the mucous membrane and make them so vulnerable to bacteria. Other surfactants are suspected of triggering allergies. In particular, manufacturers of natural cosmetics do all products without the use of surfactants.

Natural alternatives for sensitive teeth.

Who simply feels the foam to be unpleasant, may also resort to non-foaming products. Many people are ill from a heavy foaming toothpaste. Creating a regular oral hygiene may be problematic.Even a dry oral mucosa and sensitive gums tend quickly to irritation by aggressive surfactants. Various manufacturers offer dental salts or herbal toothpastes on without foaming ingredients that are not very cheap but usually quite productive. In addition, several studies show that even vegetable oils can reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, whereupon the natural cosmetics industry has already responded by its own products.

Check up in the end of the year.

The year 2015 is drawing to its end. Who was not at the dental check-up in this year, this should make up more quickly these days, because the screening is not only important for dental health but also for your wallet. With a properly conducted inspection legally insured can in fact save money when it comes to dentures. Therein are at least five annual checkups documented, so the grant of health insurance for dentures increased by 20 percent. In ten years by as much as 30 percent. The checkup at the dentist is generally free. The practice fee of 10 dollars then will only apply if further treatments are necessary.