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10.11.2015: Day of Naturopathy

Alternative Medicine today are extremely popular, more and more people rely on appropriate therapies and use this – sometimes accompany – to conventional medicine. As part of each year on the second Saturday held in October Day of Naturopathy Naturopathic the American Federal Government informed with varying emphases on treatment options.

NaturopathyWhile the naturopathy was practiced in ancient times as a folk medicine, it came as part of medical progress and corresponding achievements into oblivion. Modern diagnostic methods, genetic research and high-tech medicine, with its promising therapies took their place. However, the desire of many people for holistic herbal, homeopathic or anthroposophic medicine Engaged called gentle medicine again. In the focus of interest So has evolved from the once dismissed as mumbo jumbo therapies over the past decades a serious alternative or supplement: Even under conservative doctors working in hospitals and naturopathy has arrived. More and more hospitals are equipped with appropriate departments and implement the various methods adjuvant to conventional therapy.

Naturopathy: therapies with a holistic approach.

Originally the term naturopathy only summarized those processes in which the sun, light and air, exercise and rest, water, earth, cold, heat, food, breathing, volitions and thoughts and feelings we took advantage to heal. Later drugs of natural origin came – such as in different ways prepared medicinal plants – added. Methods of classical naturopathy are therefore are therefore phytotherapy (plant extracts), hydro- and balneotherapy (water applications), heat and cold therapy, movement therapy, aroma therapy, as well as the field of dietetics. Homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, therapeutic fasting and other count although not strictly for Naturopathy, but are now counted added frequently. All these methods have in common is the claim to stimulate the body’s own ability to heal itself, so as to restore the disturbed by disease harmony of the organism. Not only the body but also the soul of the sick person is treated to achieve holistic healing.

Application possibilities and limits of Naturopathy.

An essential part of natural medicine is the field of Prevention: Use an appropriate lifestyle (exercise, sleep, diet, etc.) can prevent many physical ailments. In the often common tension headaches as a mint oil can be applied to the temples, replace some painkiller. Light urinary tract infections encountered with bearberry leaves and goldenrod effective in drug form. In gastrointestinal upsets are herbal medicines have to chemical preparations been widely accepted and are often preferred. Even with colds and many other disorders can Naturopathic provide relief or even cure – minor ailments can be treated yourself. People suffering from a serious or life-threatening disease, but should not rely on alternative methods of healing; However, appropriate methods are used concomitantly with conventional medical therapy used successfully. On the day of Naturopathy keeps readers informed about the different treatments of actions in various US cities. Other areas such as health care and costs as well as age and poverty are discussed. This year’s action under the motto: “The nature and life trust!”