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Cold in children: What works?

Whining, a feverish he had, a persistent current or optional nasal congestion, hoarseness, inflamed throat, cough. The smaller the patient, the more he is suffering from the discomfort that is associated with the common cold While adults can quickly get a few home remedies and non-prescription medicines relief, different rules may apply to children.

Colds in childrenThe classical cold in children, which is caused by viruses and their shaping ranging from cold to flu is not to tame with medication. This can only relieve unpleasant symptoms but does not cure it. That is the job of the immune system. Children often affects up to ten times a year under colds: Your immune system is quasi still in training. The infection usually go there as fast as they come. At temperatures above 39.5 degrees Celsius, difficulty breathing or swallowing necessarily the doctor should be consulted. In more benign cases suffice the usual home remedies: Abundant Anti-colds Tee, warm bed and quiet work wonders. For drugs, however, caution is advised.

Suitable for children and dangerous.

The common cold baths, tablets, rub-and inhalants, quickly get the adults in catarrhal fall relief seal must be used in infants and young children in any way. They contain substances that are harmful to children.

  • Preparations for rubbing or inhaling with camphor or essential oils can clam ended the nerves in the smallest and trigger off even seizures and coma.
  • The proven Aspirin is dangerous for children under 12 years. It can cause liver and brain damage, leading to the so-called Reye’s syndrome.

Nevertheless, the little ones do not have to suffer with nasal congestion and thick head. Many home remedies are at your disposal, many special preparations for children are particularly attuned to the needs of young children and infants. The pharmacist or doctor advises in the selection.

What helps kids with colds.

  • Well suited for inhalation for young children are mild chamomile and thyme. When nursing baby suffice it often when the vascular communicates with the inhalants in the same room to free nose and bronchi.
  • At very high fever and severe headache or body aches Paracetamol is the drug of choice. However, it must be dosed exactly as directed. The alternatives are compress. The application requires some patience.
  • For babies there are special nasal sprays, but also saline is helpful.
  • Cough and cough syrup save the little ones and their parents the night. There is a wide and high quality selection of non-alcoholic preparations is specifically for children.