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Cold wind – not for delicate ears

When it storms and cold wind whistles around our ears, this is a sensitive organ will often sick. Therefore, it is important to protect the ears from strong winds.

Cold windIn strong winds, many people often react with ringing in the ears or even piercing ear pain. Since the ears are very sensitive, it is especially important to pay attention to good protection against cold winds. With the inner ear, the vestibular system is also connected. A strong cold wind blowing can therefore cause unpleasant dizziness. Ear warmers, headbands, scarves or hats look chic and are well suited for the protection of sensitive sensory organ. If the hair gets muddled up with a head covering every now and then. Vanity is here, however misplaced. A protective cover of the ears may well express style and thus become the individual eye-catcher.

Fine precision work – the miracle of the human ear.

The ears are a marvel of nature. With this sensitive sensory organ almost all living things have on earth. The structure and function of the human ear are subject to a highly complex mechanism. The outer ear protects the inner ear and the ear canal and acts like a funnel. With the ears, this delicate and sensitive sensory organs, we take on the acoustic signals. Acoustic vibration generating tones that are passed through the outer ear via the middle ear to the nerve cells of the inner ear where it is converted. If the ears exposed to external influences, such as excessive or continuous noise, extreme cold and icy wind, this can lead to painful inflammation or even permanent damage to the ear.

Hearing protection – the right protection for any occasion.

So how do you protect your ears for the best? Beanies and headbands have been mentioned, but sometimes also let them through strong wind. New developments must show a good deal here. To defy small balls of wool climate, which are inserted into the ear canal, the successful wind. The listening experience is not tarnished, the balls are noise-permeable. But what if the ear canal is already “occupied”, eg with a hearing aid? Especially for people who need to wear a hearing aid and whose ears are sensitive to wind and weather, it is especially important to have a good protection. Because the thin skin of the outer ear and ear canal is susceptible to infection by germs and bacteria. Ear muffs, customized versions can be the solution and bring the desired protection. In addition, they are characterized by extreme comfort. Allow plenty of advice from a specialist – so you can find the right one for you ear protection.