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Does green tea can help against cancer?

Green tea, as said, have many positive effects. A study just shows, that one of its ingredients can counteract the growth of tumors.Green tea

American scientists have discovered that a component of green tea can slow the growth of tumors. It is a substance polyphenols, called epigallocatechin gallate, EGCG short. This is supposed to be responsible for many of the health benefits of green tea and makes up about one-third of the dry weight of the tea. It is an antioxidant, which acts not only anti-inflammatory, but plays an important role obviously also in the process of tumor growth.

Is believed that EGCG might have a suppressive effect on cancer cells, but in practice, failed attempts by the researchers usually because the drug could not reach the tumor in sufficient concentration. The mouse model, the researchers investigate now, with the help of certain carriers to transport the EGCC in sufficiently large quantities to the tumor. In this way, the amount of cancer cells reduced at 40 percent on the animals significantly, and in another ten percent would stabilize after all, and not continued to grow. On average, the survival time of treated animals prolonged 20-day.

Green tea – good for teeth, heart and nerves.

Green tea, as said, have a number of positive effects on health. So the flavonoids contained here to protect the heart in that they can inhibit the formation of cholesterol, polyphenols to protect the organism against aggressive free radicals and thus against the development of cancer. Constitute the large amounts of fluoride, which are present in green tea, a good caries protection for our teeth. Also the ingredients of green tea are have a positive effect on the function of the brain.

Controversial is amount of green tea you have to consume in order to adapt the health benefits. Here, studies shows very different results. Recently an American study has shown, that from two to three cups of green tea daily have health-promoting effects, and also able to control growth of cancer cells. However, this applies only to certain types of tumor cells.