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Cool and dry? Properly storage of medicines

Surveys show that most Americans store their drugs in the bathroom. However, since many drugs must be protected from heat and moisture, the bathroom is a really bad repository. How a drug must be stored as long as possible to be effective, can be found out by looking in the package insert.

Storage of medicinesDrugs contain substances that can change with incorrect storage, which not only leads to an ineffectiveness of the drug, but may also undesirable side effects. The various ingredients make different types of support needed, which is noted in the package insert and sometimes on folding pack. For this reason, a drug should always should be stored in the original packaging, so it quickly becomes clear whether it might be located in the wrong place and may no longer be used. With the “room temperature” are temperatures between 15 and 25 ° C mean while the words “2 to 8 ° C” refers to a refrigerated storage. For drugs that need to be refrigerated, the optimum temperature is given as -18 ° C. Almost all medications must be protected from UV light, heat and moisture. The bathroom is partially due to the high temperatures combined with high humidity for the storage of medicines therefore unsuitable.

How to store medications properly.

Dark and cool.

Dark and throughout the year rather cool places are in most homes the bedroom or hallway. If you have children in the house, we recommend a lockable cabinet for storage of products. Even the vitamin supplements can be harmful and do not belong in the hands of children in high doses. Furthermore lying around drugs can be dangerous for pets. For example, for cats, product containing acetylsalicylic acid in aspirin, is dangerous.

Control of the expiration date.

Regular monitoring of minimum durability protects against unwanted side effects. Expired medicines can be given either in some pharmacies or disposed of in normal household waste.

Cooler bag for the holidays.

On holiday and especially on the journey there is a proper storage, however, is often difficult. In this case, if required keep it in cold, cooler bag is good remedy.