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Cozy warmth from the inside with aromatic, hot drinks

Wet cold weather, the sky overcast, clouded the mood … What is now better than a hot drink that warms from the inside and provides for well-being? With or without alcohol – punch, tea, cocoa and Co. belong to a cozy afternoon as the Christmas tree at a fixed.

Winter hot drinkIn the winter we long for heat from the outside and inside. What warm socks for the feet, are coffee, tea or hot chocolate for the stomach and the soul: with an aromatic hot drink we beat the winter blues cheat. Whether classic like fruit punch or non alcoholic punch for children on Thanksgiving Day , or in the evening by the fireplace in a cozy lap adults – for every taste. Here, some of the typical ingredients even provide a bit of extra vitamins that help the defense on the cracks. Finally, our body needs to maintain during the winter months for all sorts of odds and brave the cold.

Tea with spices.

In the cold season warming spices such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and anise are particularly popular: They can quickly turn a simple Rotbuschtee a winter drink. Also ingredients like diced apple, almonds and poppy, which we actually rather suspect in the bakery, make perfectly into the cup and heighten anticipation for Christmas. Fresh ginger tea not only tastes exotic: Many swear by its immunostimulatory effect in association with lemon and honey in the first cold character. Elderberry, pomegranate or cranberry also support the immune system. The healthy fruits are available, for example in the form of powder in convenient sachets and provided with an extra vitamin C and zinc. Connoisseurs love tea blends finished with auspicious names such as “Grandma’s apple pie” or “Christmas Market” sweeten the cozy winter hours on the sofa.

Recipes from around the world for a sweet tooth.

While teas contain hardly any calories depending on sweeteners, it have some drinks in this respect quite in itself: Hot chocolate and other delicacies with milk or cream and sugar are therefore more candy as a thirst quencher. The Aztecs flavored their “Xocolatl” with vanilla and chili – where the sharp component in this country used to be regarded as exceptional, the drink is now become the classic cocoa for the winter. Also, orange zest and cinnamon hot chocolate give a special touch. Also popular is Indian Chai: this is a strong black tea with milk and sugar, flavored with spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, pepper, ginger, bay leaf and pepper. From the USA and England we know “Eggnog” with egg, cream or milk and rum, whiskey or brandy.

Whether tea, cocoa or punch – aromatic hot drinks warm not only from within but also comforter during the dark months.