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Dealing with alcohol

Alcohol – addiction or pleasure?

Alcohol enjoys wide acceptance in our society, not least because it is in this country legally. The fact that nevertheless is a drug that is forgotten. Dancing, football matches, open air festivals or parties you can not imagine without alcohol. They belong to each other seemingly simple and the selection of mixed drinks is huge. Who does not drink alcohol, is regarded as stuffy, because alcohol makes fun and easy and also helps while relaxing.Alcohol

But where is the limit? Where the consumption of alcohol brings risks?

Surprisingly, the limit is lower than you might think. Risky use of alcohol begins when one day consumed more than 2 glasses (as a man) or a glass a day (as a woman) to more than 5 days a week. It is based on the so-called standard glass. Women tolerate less than men, they should, to suffer any consequences so take a maximum of 12 grams of pure alcohol at all, this corresponds to a small beer, a Alcopop mixed drink, who are often highly concentrated, a glass of brandy or a glass of wine / champagne. Each noise die off brain cells. Alcohol also contributes to aggression and violence against others. It is known that 16- to 18- year-old less tolerated than adults. Older people are also persons at risk because they can not break down as much alcohol. Young people under 16 should take no alcohol at all, since they are prone to the cytotoxin and it harms their development.

From what you are addicted?

Addicts people come not only the “margins of society”, but are integrated into family, friends and work. The problem arises when you need alcohol to feel good when you every day looking forward to the beer in the evening or if you prefer a drink, than to see his friends is. Who feelings of happiness felt only with alcohol, is psychologically dependent. Often alcohol is also consumed to withstand everyday situations or difficult moments. The 3F rule can also help in determining an alcohol addiction. This is driving, family and company. Are any of these three areas of life, or even more at risk, namely mobility, the closest social contacts or the job by the consumption of alcohol, you should seek help. However, to obtain a definite diagnosis, you can go to the value-free advice centers where you can take a test.

Not abstinence, but pleasure!

Addictions can not be cured like a diabetic, however, be brought to a standstill. As part of the weaning patients take control of their lives back into their own hands. Here, the various therapies help to correct the setting and again to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. His body perceive again and not to neglect further help occupational and physical therapists. The task of the therapist is to convey what still can be fun away from the addictive substance. Therapists and social workers accompany patients to rebuild their lost social contacts again and make new ones. But they also help with practical problems such as the housing and job losses and high debt. Consult confidently ready to us, as is for you.