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Sunstroke – when the sun is a danger

Hardly attract the first summer days with sunshine and warm temperatures, many people spend their free time outdoors. But beware of too much sun, because it can not only damage the skin but also cause sunstroke.

SunstrokeBasically, anyone who too long unprotected exposes his head and neck from the sun can suffer sunstroke in which there is a heat-related irritation of the meninges. However, are particularly at risk infants who usually only have a small head of hair and their skull is thin or not completely closed. But even in old age, when the head hair decreases, it can quickly lead to a sunstroke. Here, a sunstroke is not to be confused with the much more dangerous heat stroke. Although both heat damage caused by heat, but in heat stroke not only the mind but of the entire organism is affected by the overheating, which can quickly lead to a life-threatening condition. Nevertheless, it is not to be trifled with sunstroke.

Recognize sunstroke and respond appropriately.

Especially for beach holidays, when many hours are spent unprotected in the sun, it often leads to sunstroke. However, athletes and people who spend a lot of unprotected in the sun, are typical sunstroke candidates who respond with a crimson, hot head, headaches and dizziness on excessive sun. Other symptoms can include restlessness, palpitations, neck pain to neck stiffness, nausea, vomiting or loss of consciousness, requiring immediate assistance. To avoid serious health consequences such as meningitis or cerebral edema, the person concerned must immediately be brought out of the sun in a cool place, with the upper body should be stored increases. In addition, the head and neck can be cooled with wet towels around. On ice, however, should be dispensed with. It is also important that the person drinks a lot, but if it is only in clear consciousness. If unconscious, on the other hand, the emergency physician should be contacted immediately. And although headache, nausea or other symptoms do not improve caution should a doctor or hospital will be evaluated to rule out a dangerous heat stroke or other serious consequences.

Prevention is easy.

In most cases, a sunstroke and its unpleasant consequences are already effectively prevented with a few precautions. So especially vulnerable people such as children or the elderly should never be left unprotected stay in the blazing sun. Is usually sufficient here before a bright headdress, which is best fitted with a neck protector, or a shady spot to avoid sunstroke. But all the others can avoid unnecessary risks by avoiding excessive sun exposure or efforts in the sun and heat related replenish fluid losses due time.