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Dental care is also important in the age

Beautiful healthy teeth are like a personal business card that is shown at every smile. Not just for aesthetic, but also for health reasons dental care is have important value, because bad teeth and periodontal disease may affect health. Therefore, it should pay particular attention aged on proper dental care.

Dental careEveryone has at some point in his life at least 28 healthy teeth. In order for this state is maintained as long as possible, the teeth must be carefully maintained for a lifetime. With increasing age, but also the gums plays a role in dental care, because this is aging and is more susceptible to bacteria and other pathogens. This can be a poor oral hygiene, the bacteria just in hard to reach areas thrive. The consequences can be caries and periodontitis, which lead to untreated loss of teeth. Unfortunately, however, with increasing age required for optimal dental care, vision and dexterity of professional. Here special dental care products such as toothbrushes or an electric toothbrush can facilitate dental care. In addition, antibacterial rinses also help to reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth.

More tips for optimal dental care in old age.

  • Not only at the age you must at least twice a day the teeth thoroughly clean your teeth. However, the cleansing must not be limited to the teeth, but should also cover dental implants and prostheses.
  • Fluoride toothpaste strengthens teeth, thereby reducing the risk of caries.
  • To clean between the teeth, special interdental brushes, which are offered in various sizes and are much easier to handle than are dental floss.
  • Just when the skill declines with increasing age, professional dental cleanings can help the dentist to remove deposits in hard to reach places completely and thus prevent gingivitis or tooth decay.
  • In addition, regular check-ups at the dentist should be made, because only then problems can be detected and can be treated early.