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Patient Education: advantages and limitations of homeopathy

Just as naturopathy, popularity and attention for homeopathy is growing. Although some parents are still skeptical about the homeopathic treatment of their children. The homeopathically potentised agents are well known for the treatment of acute and minor ailments.

HomeopathyHomeopathy was found by Samuel Hahnemann in the 18 century. The main principle of homeopathy is so-called “similarity”. Diseases to be cured by substances that would cause the same symptoms in a healthy person, whereby the organism recovers its healthy balance. In part use, highly toxic substances which repeatedly solute and become barely detectable. This potentiation is regarded as a necessary condition for the effect from homeopathic remedies, because the substances used only during the time while exert their effectiveness. Especially for children, the gentle homeopathic remedies are a good alternative instead of to the frequent side effects and rich chemical preparations.

Sweet pills no bitter aftertaste.

Harmless inconvenience in the child’s life, such as teething, pain in the healing of minor wounds, or the onset of common cold can be treated by children’s homeopathic medicine cabinet and often mitigated effectively is sweet-tasting globules. The recommended in children high potencies because they are so diluted as a rule, they do not trigger allergies. Nevertheless, experiments of self-deprecated, since not only the physical discomfort, but also the personality of the patient determines the choice of homeopathic remedy. An experienced homeopath asks history and behavior of the child and then propose appropriate substances and powers. General effective homeopathic treatment best in the initial stage of a disease and should never replace medical treatment when symptoms are unclear or getting worse.

Probably because of the sweet taste are particularly globules, so small beads sugar-based in children more popular than other forms. The child should suck at taking the remedy in the mouth and swallow immediately. In contrast, babies can not get directly into the mouth of the globules, it may cause suffocation. It is better to dissolve the globules in lukewarm water and boiled and enter the solution with a plastic spoon into the buccal cavity of the baby.