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Diabetes: the best-known risk factors

That diabetes is a momentous disease, everyone knows. What many do not know is is that the risk of developing diabetes is not only determined by fate. Especially are known risk factors for the development of diabetes type II.

DiabetesThere are 2 types diabetes mellitus, which goes back to an absolute lack of insulin in type I, or a reduced effect of insulin in type II. This leads to a disturbance in the utilization of sugar. Metabolism and blood sugar level is constantly increasing. Although the exact causes that lead to the development of diabetes have not been thoroughly down to the last detail, but it is known that the type I diabetes is to genetically determined and can be suddenly caused by an autoimmune disease. In contrast, a type-II diabetes usually develops unnoticed for many years. The trigger here are a number of risk factors, which can be divided into modifiable factors. In addition to non related with outer influence risk factors include genetic predisposition and age. So the risk of diabetes increases when the family or close relatives are already suffering from diabetes. Also, can with increasing age, the balance of the body’s own insulin can be broken, especially if further added risk factors for develop diabetes.

What risk factors for diabetes can be influenced?

Regardless of the risk factors that develop naturally, there are some risk factors that you can control by yourself. These include the weight. Thus, severe obesity, especially when much fat is stored in the waist area, the risk of diabetes significantly grow. The more fat cells there are, the more likely that there is a resistance to the insulin in body. In addition, obesity accompanied with the risk elevated blood lipids and hypertension, which are also among the risk factors for diabetes.

In this case, exercise play a role. Because it modifiable risk factor. Through regular exercise you can not only regulate the weight. But also reduce the blood sugar because sugar is consumed as an energy source. In addition there are a number of other risk factors such as alcohol abuse or smoking, and the list is constantly updated with new information.