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Dry eyes: In winter heating air is often the trigger

Nearly 50 percent of all visits take place in the winter due to dry eyes. One of the shutter release button of this disease is the permanent residence in heated clear: Especially extremely dry ambient air impairs eye health – dry, irritated eyes will quickly do a torment But let some things about it.

Dry eyes

The natural tears just smooth the surface of the eye, cleans and disinfects. With each blink it provides the cornea also with nutrients and oxygen. Located changes the composition of the tear fluid, not able to do that – the syndrome of “dry eye” occurs. Possible shutter release button of this are about:

  • Strong ultraviolet radiation, which protected the eyes meets
  • Tobacco smoke, draft or unfavorably oriented car-blower
  • Long wearing contact lenses
  • Lack hydration
  • Low humidity in the interiors, whether by heating or air conditioning

For persistent and painful cases, a doctor should be consulted. Even a number of drugs, such as antidepressants, antihistamines or Hormone Preparation and some metabolic diseases lead to dry eyes.

Flag for dry eyes.

Especially in winter often make rough skin, chapped lips and sore, irritated eyes unpleasantly noticeable. It is precisely dry, over-heated air escapes skin and eyes literally moisture.

People who suffer from dry eyes that watches every morning with taped eyes or white mucus em in the corner of his eye, and quality during the day over with a geretteten conjunctival, constant itching and burning and prolonged thin lacrimation. Also a hypersensitivity of the eyes to cold wind or bright light is a sign. Some sufferers complain of a debri and unpleasant pressure in the eye. Even the visual acuity may deteriorate temporarily.

Healthy, fresh eyes despite heating air.

A first step to remedy is a drastic improvement in indoor air:

  • Already who is a bowl of fresh water on each radiator, provides for an increased humidity. Targeted and regular? Owned airing doing a Briggs. And even if you do it like cuddly warm and sitting works: The air in overheated clear is dry and low in oxygen. Ideally, however, temperatures between 20 and 25 °C are.
  • Smoking indulge in the nicotine better outside the door, because at? Smoke forming strains your eyes in addition.
  • Frequently stays outside help to relax the eyes. The fresh air with its natural moisture content does a rest of.
  • A sufficient liquid feed is particularly important in winter fruits and herbal teas, soft mineral water or diluted fruit juice on offer.
  • The use of tear replacement fluid prevents dry eye and soothes existing symptoms. Many preparations contain moisturizing hyaluronic acid. They compensate for the lack of healthy own tear fluid and protect against who experience excessive? Ethyl moisture loss. Good manufacturer waiver in favor of better tolerability completely preservatives.