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Can lack of sleep lead to obesity?

Obesity is usually associated with excessive calorie intake and lack of exercise. More rarely, it is thought that lack of sleep could be the reason for weight problems – as a study shows.obesity

The Americans sleeping too little. After all, 42 percent complain during surveys that they suffer from insomnia and during daytime feel sleepy. The health consequences may be substantial, ranging from depression to cardiovascular disorders to diabetes. Thanks to the sleep research, the importance of healthy sleep is always better recognized.

One of these findings is that chronic lack of sleep also promotes obesity. A study by researchers has recently confirmed this. For the investigation of overweight adults were put on a moderate diet for two weeks. Participants lost an average 3 kilograms. However, although all the same diet got 55 percent of the lost weight was among those subjects who slept 8.5 hours a day, broken down as fat and in those who received only 5.5 hours of sleep, 25 percent.

Lack of sleep makes cravings.

Already previous studies have shown the link between obesity and lack of sleep. So studies have proven that getting enough sleep protects against food cravings. A sleep deficit on the other hand brings the body’s own mechanisms of balance, regulate appetite. For example, when too little sleep the production of leptin, a protein hormone that curbs appetite, suppressed. In one study showed that participants who slept too little, about 300 kilocalories a day more consumed than those who received adequate sleep.

Who wants to lose weight, so it should pay attention to adequate sleep. Often it’s enough to change viewing habits and nightly rituals to get more sleep. Even stress can be a sleep robber. Here it can help the cause to get to the bottom. Relaxation exercises in the evening can also lead to a better night’s sleep. Although the main causes of obesity in most people are certainly in an excessive caloric intake and the lack of exercise, but who has problems with his weight, should also check on his sleeping habits.