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First aid for wasp stings

A wasp sting is painful and allergen may life-threatening. Quick help is important in all cases and should be made possible by appropriate means, so that the swelling goes down soon wears off and the pain.

Wasp stingRubor, dolor, calor, tumor: With the words, redness, pain, swelling and discoloration of the physician describes inflammation. A view of the wasp sting shows that this description also fits here. Wasp venom contains a number of substances which are responsible for the pain and the inflammatory processes. Here, the sting of the wasp is nothing more than a defense response in a human. Feel the wasp threatened, it pumps about their sting venom in warm-blooded animals, starting from the point of view of their danger. The following pain associated with their distinctive color inspires humans and animals respect and teach them to keep distance in the future.

The wasp on coffee table.

The classic is the wasp in a strawberry cake. Actually, wasp predators. They hunt larvae and small insects and are thus actually beneficial insects in the home garden. But they also share some preferences of people, such. As those for sugar. This is one of the greatest dangers, because the wasp gets in the vicinity of the airways and stings, it is seriously dangerous. The most important aid measures are:

  • Keep warm (proteins from the injection site disintegrate)
  • Gift gently out of the needle point out massage
  • Then cool (wet cloth, not colder)
  • Cloth with cold salt water hang
  • Envelope with clay

When stitches in the vicinity of the respiratory tract, e.g. in the oral cavity reduce gelutschte ice swelling. The trip to the hospital is still important precaution: So you do not waste valuable time if condition deteriorates.  Allergy in which a reaction to wasp is known should have a allergy emergency kit such as EmuBliss let regulations by the doctor and run with them.

Right environment for wasps.

It is impossible to keep wasps out of the home garden. However, it is possible to offer them a proper environment. These include the natural enemies of wasps, and are hornets. In rural areas provide ecologically minded people for a natural environment and arrive to enjoy a zone that is home to very little stinging insects. Any intervention provides an artificial imbalance and thus to problems. In addition, wasps are protected and may not be destroyed. Natural defenses are but sensible. These include:

  • Cut grapes in the distance offer
  • Children and allergies not too colorful dress
  • Open fire

Not suitable:

  • Essential oils
  • Repellent plants (herbs)
  • Wasp traps (Animal Protection)

By far the most effective method is to feed the wasps in the garden on a regular basis is always the same place. Nevertheless beverages should in principle be covered and minor children only monitored at the table to eat to avoid accidents.