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Flea alarm that must not be!

If dogs and cats begin to scratch intensified, the suspicion of a flea infestation. Now it is important to respond quickly and to prevent harm, because fleas multiply rapidly and can endanger the health seriously.

Flea alarmFleas belong to the insect. There are a variety of ways, but for domestic pets play just one role. They have no wings, but they have 3 pairs of legs. The two rear pairs of legs are powerful jumping legs and just the fleas do so tricky for pets and their owners. Reason is that only 1-3 mm large animals far-from 60 to 100 cm or can jump up. This almost explosive bounce owes the flea to the resilin. This is a particularly elastic protein molecule. However, the full operation of this tour de force is not fully understood.

Flea infestations in dogs and cats.

That a dog is jumped by fleas, is hard to prevent. For this purpose, he does not even have contact with infected dogs. The small parasites sit for a short time on their host to suck blood, then they preferred look for warm spots. This can also be blankets and pillows. Get fleas even without a dog in your own home. Especially when it is cooler, they flee himself in the warm houses. Especially frequently it is observed where many hedgehogs stay in the gardens. Hedgehogs are almost always infested with fleas. Otherwise, we can also expect for a walk in the woods so that the pet dog fleas was started. Cat fleas are transmitted rather from animal to animal. Both flea species can go on but the people. Flea bites are painful and severe itching solve. Since fleas also transmit tapeworms and can cause allergic reactions, prompt treatment is essential.

Best action against flea infestations.

Flea dirt in the fur is a sure indication of a flea infestation. If the small black crumbs down on a piece of paper sprinkled with water and then triturated blood is visible, which has eliminated the flea. Although many people a chemical treatment critical of the danger that multiply the fleas to possible treatment success masse, is too large. Therefore, all animals of a species with corresponding spot-on preparations from the pharmacy or veterinary advice should be treated. The treatment methods are species, and should never be interchanged. Since some components may act for the other kind of poisonous. Children in the home or with frequently repetitive attack a year-round treatment in about 4-6 week intervals is recommended. Of course, babies and toddlers should in principle have no skin contact with the media.

Forget abouy flea alarm!