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For diabetics, proper skin care is especially important

Diabetics must regularly monitor their blood sugar levels and follow strict guidelines regarding their diet. Not only that, the skin of diabetics is pulled by the disease in affected and requires special care to prevent illness.

Proper skin care Dry, itchy skin may be one of the first signs of incipient diabetes, under the in America about 8 million people. The body tries to excrete their excess sugar in the urine and to lose so increased water. As a result, the body and the skin will dry out. In addition, diabetes is harmful for the nerves, including those that control the sweat and sebum of the skin. As a result, the skin its fat and moisture content no longer sufficient to regulate, it dries out and their natural defenses are lowered. In addition, elevated glucose levels damage in addition to the nerves and the blood vessels constrict and the blood circulation and thus the supply of the skin with essential oxygen and other nutrients is reduced. Extremely dry skin, itching, skin infections, slow healing wounds and bruises, calluses and cracked heels on your feet are typical skin symptoms of diabetes.

Consistent care prevents diseases before.

To maintain the delicate and particularly in the legs and feet extremely dry skin in diabetes properly, especially regular care with a lot of fat and moisture is important. These products should only be used in the shower already that soothe the skin and intensely moisturizing. Best suited here are specially developed for dry skin shower oils. On a daily full baths Diabetics should, however, do without, because they dry out the skin further. After a short, lukewarm shower the skin must also be dried gently but thoroughly. It should pay particular attention to skin folds, for example, under the breasts and in between the toes, because this provides moisture for optimal growth environment for germs such as bacteria and fungi, which already weakened diabetic skin may provide little. Then, dry skin is essential to creamed to be their fat and moisture requirements for disabled. Particularly suitable here are so-called water-in-oil emulsions. In addition, additives may as urea, panthenol, Vitamin A and E and jojoba oil to help soothe the skin and relieve itching.

Special attention is paid in diabetic feet.

The already dry skin of the feet is also influenced by the blood flow and nerve damage in diabetics. In order to prevent bacterial or fungal infections here and poorly healing wounds, the skin of the feet requires a more intensive care. In addition to special foot creams with moisturizing factors and lipids must not be forgotten that professional foot care. Because even small injuries caused by ingrown toenails, bruising or fissures in diabetes can be dangerous.

And remember: For diabetics, proper skin care is especially important!!!