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Can protein help you lose weight?

There are many theories on the question of how to lose weight by the most successful way. The internet and magazines are full of suggestions, ideas and alleged miracle diets. For a permanent and healthy loss weight an adequate intake of protein is needed. An American study has confirmed this now.Lose weight

In study took a part 25 healthy, normal and overweight men and women between 18 and 35 years. After first two to three weeks of a weight-reducing diet they were carried out, the volunteers every day for eight weeks had take 950 kilocalories more. They were divided into three groups. In the first group of the protein portion of the food was five percent (low protein), in the second 15 percent (normal) and in the third 25 percent (high protein).

After the study, participants were weighed and their body fat percentage was measured. The results shows no different between different groups. All have increased 3.5 kg body fat on average, regardless of how many proteins they had taken with food. The subjects who consumed low-protein diet with at least 3.16 kg in average lost 6.05 kg of weight, comparing with other group. Absolute leaders was the group with the protein-rich food.

Protein brings muscles and increases the basal metabolic rate.

The logical conclusion is that in the group that took a high proportion of protein have not only the fat content of the body increased, but also the muscle and organ mass. Who thinks that he can avoid having a lower protein content in the diet weight and gain the weight, however, draws the wrong conclusions. For the greatest health problem – it is all the experts agree – is not the body weight but the fat content of the body. Therefore, it should also be at a weight-reducing diet go mainly about losing body fat. But this can only be done in a healthy way, if you get the muscle percentage of the body, or even increased, and this in turn is necessary protein. The study has also shown another result: In contrast to a low-protein diet increased under the normal and high protein foods the basal metabolic rate, and this is also important for successful loss weight .

The study therefore two things can be inferred: To reduce weight, the type of diet is initially of secondary importance. How much one increases or decreases, will depend solely on the amount of added calories from – regardless of whether they consist of protein, carbohydrates or fat. However, anyone who wants to lose weight permanently and healthy, should pay attention to adequate intake of proteins. The only way to muscle and organ mass obtained and the basal metabolic rate can be increased. In addition, protein fills you up long, which in turn is necessary to keep the weight off permanently.