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Gardening is a pleasure without remorse

It’s that time again: The grass grows, the fruit trees get buds, terrace and garden beds have been waiting. Gardening is after the long gray winter relaxing and thanks to the nice results also highly satisfying. Some tips and basic rules provide for unalloyed pleasure without back pain.

Gardening The spine, consisting of movable vertebrae and intervertebral discs interposed therebetween is amazingly resilient, but one you should not expect too much. In winter many mutate into a couch potato – correspondingly the muscles that support the spine become stiff and flabby. A spring is like burst of enthusiasm for work,but it can be poison for the musculoskeletal system. A spring-like burst of enthusiasm for work is then almost poison for the musculoskeletal system. Basically, two principles should be observed:

Regular exercise in the winter keeps fit accordingly.
The spring sun is slightly overestimated: Especially the shoulder and lumbar region should be adequately wrapped in clothes. Sport drives are best warmed up, the same applies to physical work outdoors.

How to avoid spending unnecessary effort.

Some tips and tricks protect your back even at unfamiliar strenuous physical work:

For those who must frequently lift heavy objects, better to be careful. The lifting weight should be increased gradually to avoid surge the intervertebral discs. A straight back and bent knee, a strained abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and a high with the legs instead of the back muscles on the other hand facilitate the matter. Of course, you wear heavy close to the body, not with arms outstretched. Vacuuming in the house or hack and rake in the garden: choose position, which in attitude is more relaxed and more flexible.
Trimming hedges, Weeding, Planting: Too long persistence in a position is difficult and painful. Relaxation breaks for stretching do not be redundant.
A mobile support makes it possible to do planting kneeling. The easy on the back and on top of that is more comfortable than a stooped posture.
In one specific back exercises in particular learn “pre-damaged” people to internalize certain muscle groups to strengthen and back-saving movement patterns.
A hot bath, a sauna, a hot water bottle relax after a long, busy day in the open air and loosen all claimed parts of the body.

Good preparation and equipment.

Even ordinary garden tool is important: Sufficiently long stalks, handiness and a pleasant for user, not too much weight to prevent fatigue and stress.
Comfortable, well-fitting shoes with footbed is clearly preferable slippery rubber slippers: Just who is standing firmly on both feet, can also relieve the back at any time.
Solid garden paths and stairs for wheelbarrows make gardening easier.
Not all “alone lift”: for obese and lengthy, exhausting tasks mainly elderly or already back problems should definitely get help.