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Green smoothies are nutritious and delicious

Green smoothies are delicious, trendy and can provide, with their rich ingredients, better healthcare nutritious. But what must be in the blender and how is it actually a tasty drink?

Green smoothiesIf you want to follow new trends when it comes to health, can not avoid green smoothies. This refers to mixed drinks made of green vegetables and fruits. Depending on the composition of ingredients the flavor can be soft, sweet, spicy, strong or slightly bitter. Who cares about green smoothies, chooses its own preferred taste.

Whats makes the smoothie so valuable?

Smoothies are ideal for those who eat little vegetables. By mixing the vegetable is shredded and added to the flavor of the other ingredients. The result is a glass full of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. And something else convinced the green smoothie: He makes pretty easy. In order miracle vitamin are also suitable for people who want to do something for figure.

How succeed in the green smoothie?

Smoothies are also suitable for children who are a bit more critical. For them, there are a few tricks that positively affect the taste. It must be important to know that root vegetables don’t add in the smoothies, but green leafy vegetables are. Here there are clear differences in taste. The sharp arugula provides a very different taste, than the much more subtle iceberg lettuce. But spinach confident in Smoothie. Other leafy vegetables are:

  • Chicory
  • Leaf lettuce
  • Garden salad
  • Leaf lettuce
  • Lamb’s lettuce

But this classic salads include:

  • Lollo Rosso
  • Lollo Bionda
  • Romana Salata
  • Radicchio

This shows the way that green smoothies are excellent alternatives for singles who hardly eat a lettuce. In a smoothie, the salad can easily handle.

Tricks for smoothies.

Smoothies are mixed with water, otherwise a heavy porridge would arise. Instead of water you can use also orange juice. A good way to give the smoothie a different flavor, is some fruit. The pear is particularly well suited, as well as apples or bananas can be added. It should be remembered only that the amount of calories thereby moved significantly upward.

Season of Green Smoothies.

Who wants a fine grade, should give some ginger in the smoothie, also fresh lemon juice will be good. A top tip for gourmets is true vanilla, but also a small pinch of cinnamon gives the smoothie a certain something. Incidentally, many wild herbs can be crushed. Parsley, oregano or basil make the smoothie is a real treat.