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Good resolutions for the new year: Remove few extra pounds

Among the most common New Year’s resolutions taken at all include the famous “Few Extra” that want to be sure to get rid motivated next year forever. So how do you manage to resist temptation and to remain permanently slim?

Good resolutions“Next year I renounce completely on candy, go jogging every day and eat after 16 clock in the afternoon nothing more.” Who holds such lofty intentions, fails either very quickly or lose the pleasure of eating. For this reason, it is better to not be too hard on,aim at but a realistic goal. It is recommended that this be set down in writing and so virtually set up a contract with yourself. In this way, one is forced to call their own desires concrete and it can be – call again to mind – at low lows. Also, it is advisable to incorporate intermediate stages: So you have always small sense of achievement, motivation is maintained and the self-confidence increases.

But how to remove few extra pounds?

It is of course possible to make a so-called “crash diet” and within no time to lose several pounds. The goal is achieved quickly, the mood great, so you take the usual eating habits again. But as quickly as the pounds tumbled, they return even back – and with them some other … The dreaded yo-yo effect has begun. Those interested in more than a short-term success and would like to be permanently slimmer, probably has no choice but to stick to a diet. fat and sugar reduction, just plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains instead of white flour (which does not saturate long), and regular exercise are the best conditions that the extra pounds find their way to the hips not again.

More tips to persevere.

Until the new diet has consolidated style, you should keep a diary and possible hold exactly what and at what time you eat. The balance comes only once a week used as the weight vary from day to day, the result is also noted. In this way one obtains a good overview of their own eating habits and can quickly notice the first successful. In between, you should definitely reward to get the motivation: a shopping spree to celebrate the new figure, a sauna and order  high-quality care product to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Those who are too much afflicted, provides food cravings, frustration and failure are inevitable. Sometimes a piece of chocolate or other small sin so you should definitely treat yourself Рwhat is the point eventually, slender, but to go through life grumpy?