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With hot drinks against freezing

On cold days, the cold creeps downright through the body. What feels uncomfortable, is also unhealthy. Hot drinks help. What few people know is that there appear the hot drinks also different.

With hot beverages  Hot drinks are the best help against the freezing cold. Above all, parents are asked if they return with their children from the fresh air in the warm room and the cold feeling just will not go soft. But adults also suffer from low temperatures and want nothing more than to warm up from the inside out with hot drinks. Tea seems particularly suitable at first glance. However, each tea also has a pharmacological effect. He is generally suitable in diluted form as a hot drink. But more than two cups are not considered as recommended.

The effect of hot drinks.

It makes a difference whether only the sensation of cold is to fight or be added whether weakness and fatigue. Children who come soaked for a day in the snow into the house, benefit from a cup with hot water, which is sipped and especially slow. Hot water is an important energy provider and part of traditional Chinese medicine. The cup of hot water is also recommended for adults who arrive frozen at work and can start to focus nor bad. With simultaneous weakness of a cup with grape juice is heated. Again, it is important to drink in small sips. The effect arises usually immediately. A hot cocoa is a good decision when freezing and starvation occur simultaneously. Of course, the hot milk is the right choice with honey. Critical to see are hot drinks lemon based. Tropical fruits pull the vessels together. This means that the stomach while warm to the touch, but freezing can last longer than with other beverages. Against a sharpener lemon in a cup of tea but is nothing wrong with that.

The power of soup.

Soups are energy provider, the warm up quickly. The question is, however, of clear soups, which may contain a small amount of rice or noodles. It is worthwhile to pre-cook and keep warm soups such. Particularly suitable are chicken or beef soups. Useful are those soups based on meat with a small amount of vegetables that are screened out later. A slice of celeriac provides the distinct taste. Artificial flavors should not be included. Basically, home-cooked soups are better suited as finished products. Soups from legumes are rich in content with strong freezing and can quickly cause fatigue. For vegetarians are clear vegetable broth.