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Healthy winter nutrition for a healthy immune system

If it’s cold and wet, many people prefer to hide in a warm room. But here lurk a lot of pathogens that challenge the often weakened immune system in winter. Is all the most important now adapted to the specific needs of a healthy diet?

Winter nutritionEspecially in winter, the body is subject a severe test by the constant changes of temperature between the freezing cold outside and cozy warmth. But suffers in the cold season, not only the body but also mind the is susceptible to a number of disorders such as depression and frequent changes of mood. In order to assist the body in its defense now, the diet must be adapted to the season. In this case, a healthy diet is really important all year round, not only in winter season. However, it falls in the summer much easier through a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables. But the winter has a lot to offer in terms of defense fortifying foods.

Even in winter nutritional, can return in healthy  through a diet.

Thanks to modern transportation today have fresh fruit and vegetables in season all year. Particularly important for the immune system are vitamins such as vitamin C known, which aims to boost immune response. In addition to citrus fruits that are considered good vitamin C suppliers, but also can meet these needs local vegetables. So some of cabbage as Brussels sprouts, broccoli or kale contain just as much, if not more vitamin C than lemon and Co. A pleasant side effect of carbon is a high nutrient density, at a lower calorie count. The fiber contained a lot of vitamin also ensure a long-lasting feeling of satiety.  But other local vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, pumpkins or beets have a variety of nutrients that support the immune system effectively. The highest nutrient content is in the raw state, on time long storage or cooking fruit and vegetables lose much of their important ingredients.