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Tips about defence of kids

Autumn is cold and flu for children? This must not be. With the right tips parents can strengthen the defence of kids. No matter large or small and protect them from frequent colds.

Healthy kidsThe sight sweaty or wet from the rain children who do not even seem to freeze, know all the parents and by no means always follows it a cold. To a certain degree the somewhat loose handling of the temperatures also trains the immune system and keeps kids healthy. But only up to a certain point. In case of contact with viruses or bacteria, for example, by an ill children, the infection is often just a matter of time. The most important protective measures against cold measures are:

  • A lot of exercise in the fresh air
  • Clothing for the weather
  • Srinking enough water
  • Vitamin-rich diet
  • No overheated rooms
  • Enough sleep

Feed children healthy.

A healthy diet is a controversial issue in many families. Instead vegetables wish for the youngest burgers and fries, they also love sweets and sodas. The result is an insufficient supply of essential minerals and vitamins. It does not help too strict to urge children in one direction and to prohibit them unhealthy food and drinks. It is better to give them the knowledge they need later to eat a healthy diet is. Children should be involved early in the planning of the diet and food preparation, namely permanent. So they easily understand that the proportion of fruits, vegetables, dairy products and whole grains should be high. In the best case, everything is even prepared to prevent unwanted access sugar, coloring or flavor to the dish. This also applies to snacks. Children are more likely to engage incidentally fruits and vegetables, where it has been chopped. When healthy snacks for kids are:

  • Carrots into strips
  • Apple pieces
  • Paprika
  • Whole wheat bread

Does the everyday life with its adversities healthy eating but once be difficult then to high-quality health supplements provide the necessary support to the immune system. Missing stocks of sweets also educate the attitude that sugary snacks should be the exception. The temptation to snack families can instead eg. As a bread meet with honey.

Fresh air is important.

Especially in today’s time children spend less and less their free time in the fresh air. Only someone who moves around a lot, but vents the respiratory organs sufficient and acts as active against colds. Children should therefore be encouraged to play outside and run around. At best, the offspring also exerts an outdoor sport. Popular sports that take place mainly outside, are:

  • Football
  • Horse Riding
  • Skating
  • Mountain biking
  • Slacklining
  • Running

The club also make new contacts that can ensure that the youth the joy of movement does not lose find.