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Heat treat muscle pain effectively

For centuries, the positive effect of heat for the treatment of spasms and pain caused thereby is known. This heat can ease the pain in proper indications and proper use in three ways.

Treat muscleThe various forms of heat therapy are tested for many years. They have proven themselves both for the treatment of non-inflammatory diseases as well as to alleviate painful tension and cramps to colicky cramps, chronic joint and spinal problems as well as problems in the area of ligaments and tendons. But chronic inflammation such as sinus infections are among the fields of application of heat therapy. In acute inflammation and febrile processes other hand, prohibits the use of heat. For here, for example, result in appendicitis life-threatening complications heat. To avoid side effects or complications, type, duration and temperature of the application should therefore be discussed previously in doubt with a doctor.

Heat treat muscle for relieving pain.

Whether back, neck or shoulder pain, cause of muscle pain is usually a reflex spasm of the affected muscle, which leads to decreased blood supply. At the same time the pain receptors are stimulated, so pain sensations are triggered in the brain. To alleviate these muscle pain or eliminate, physiotherapy thermal therapy has proven itself. The locally applied heat acts in three ways. First, it expands the blood vessels in the heat-treated area of the body and improves the blood circulation and the supply of oxygen and nutrients. On the other hand stimulates the metabolism, so that amplifies metabolic end products can be removed and excreted. In addition, the heat is relaxing and calming effect on the nervous system, because the sensitive nerve endings take on the positive thermal stimulus and transported him to the pain center in the brain where the perception of pain is attenuated. As a result of the heat but not only relax the muscles and nerves, but the entire fabric is relaxed and able to regenerate better.

But heat therapy correctly.

In the heat treatment, depending on the body area to be treated very different media available to supply the heat locally. However, in order to actually achieve an analgesic effect, not only the medium and temperature play a role in the heat treatment, but also the exposure time. To have a sustainable pain relief for muscle aches average temperatures, such as for example be achieved with peat or mud treatments, and proven exposure times of several hours to be favorable. In addition fango applications in physical therapy clinics or at home, there are now also heat packs to go, can be worn invisible under clothing and given a constant temperature of 40°C for several hours so that the muscles have the opportunity to characterized pain is effectively relieved and relax.