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Can Yoga reestablish the balance after a stroke?

Yoga strengthens the physical balance in healthy people. Whether patients after a stroke take benefit from the exercises? Now researchers from Indianapolis investigate this question.Stroke

The body positions during Yoga practice strengthens the physical balance. Arlene Schmidt of the University of Indiana in Indianapolis wanted to find out, whether stroke patients, who have problems with the sense of balance, take benefit from yoga exercises. The workouts were conducted by a trained yoga therapist, who shows postures on the respective possibilities of patients and slowly increased temp of training. 37 patients with stroke trained in this way twice a week with Yoga figures, relaxation and meditation. The control group consisted of ten patients who had also suffered from stroke, but doesn’t performed yoga exercises, also were conducted, and instead of exercises just listened during the training times relaxing music.

After eight weeks of regular training the sense of balance of the subjects has significantly improved, compared to the control group. The experience of Yoga also give possability to increase their physical activity of body. In addition, the yoga students who practiced yoga, claim that have less fear of falling and become trusted more, in total. “Typically, the rehabilitation phase ends after six, sometimes 12 months,” said Arlene Schmid, head of the investigation. Seems that Yoga is a suitable continuation of the rehab treatment. The patients could make progress even after several months after a stroke. Although a study with 37 participants has limited use, but the researcher is convinced in the benefits of yoga. Currently is planning a follow-up study with a larger group of participants.