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Help of the mitochondrial medicine in asthma?

In US is estimated approximately eight million people suffer from asthma. Now we hope on remedy of mitochondrial medicine, which does not suppress symptoms with medication, but eliminated from the causes of the disease.Mitochondrial medicine

Role of mitochondrial cells.

Mitochondria are cellular organelles, ie small particles in the cells, which have the task to supply the cell with energy. Therefore, they are often called as “power plants of the cells”. Work of the mitochondria, however, can be disturbed by various factors. For example, environmental toxins, such as industrial and car exhaust, tobacco smoke, but also by other substances, such as cleaning agents, colors, flavors and preservatives, drugs and more.

The impact of toxins on the development of asthma.

Although the human body is basically set up for dealing with toxins, but too much of these substances can overwhelm the body. In addition, some people’s ability to detoxify is less pronounced than in other. However, the poorer the mitochondria work, the less energy is available to the organism. The entire metabolism works worse, and the necessary repairs cell can no longer run optimally. The body is susceptible to negative influences from outside and inside – a vicious circle begins.

For asthmatics, this circuit is particularly problematic, because their bodies with stress already, and worse than in other people. The mitochondrial medicine is now trying to support the energy-producing organelles in their work to protect against external attacks by supplying them with vital nutrients, such as, minerals or vitamins. Sometimes it is even possible to reduce negative influence by a supply of suitable nutrients in form of the medication. It leads to reduction of tension on the body. Studies have shown that selenium and omega-3 fatty acid, and also many other micronutrients and phytotherapy, have a positive impact on regression of asthma. The negative cycle can be broken!