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The best remedies from the pharmacy for beautiful fingernails

Well-kept nails need to be a pipe dream. Anyone who keeps his nails with the right products and regularly can be sure that they look not only powerful, but also evenly. The necessary preparations for it are available in the pharmacy.

Healthy beautiful nailsHands and nails are exposed to in everyday life for almost all people large loads. Wind and Weather sit with them, several times a day they come in contact with soap and dirt. All this leaves traces that can significantly reduce but with proper care. Important here is the regular care and handle to appropriate care products. How does the skin react fingernails on cleaner and cleaner. Frequently, however, the consequences are not fairly visible. In the long term, the nails can become dry and brittle. This shows the importance of proactive maintenance.

Proper cleaning for stressed nails.

Who indulges his nails once a week a bath in extra virgin olive oil, will quickly see how to recover the nails. The oil should be warm to the touch, like all the care products that are applied on the hands. The olive oil is particularly suitable for the prevention of fine cracks that would otherwise give the nails a scruffy appearance. It also maintains the delicate cuticles. This protects against germs, which in turn can damage the nail. At best, the cuticle is closed and elastic. However, depending on the load it can dry out and harden. Then it’s time for a bath in olive oil. It is sufficient to immerse the fingertips for a short time. The same applies to the skin right and left of the nail. Also, it can dry out and damage. Already have damage to the nails and cuticles to see the pharmacy appropriate nail care with high quality ingredients offers.

The proper manicure for nails.

Nails that break or tear down quickly, should not be cut with scissors, but rather filed, from the edge to the center. Files of glass or ceramic are particularly gentle and better suited than the known variants of metal. Sensitive nails should also be kept short. Even fashion-conscious women will appreciate brief but beautiful nails rather than longer, the edges of which are difficult to keep in order. If the cuticles too long, it should be pushed back after soaking. Appropriate care should be taken when cleaning under the nail. For cleaning, a high-quality nail brush is.