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Hepatitis C therapy with help of oxygen

A new study by American researchers showed that an oxygen-ozone mixture can reduce the symptoms of chronic hepatitis C. More than 25 percent of patients were on free therapy of hepatitis C virus.

Hepatitis CHepatitis C is an inflammation of the liver that is transmitted primarily through blood or blood products, less often through sexual intercourse. In addition to chronic alcohol abuse Hepatitis C is the second most common cause of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Acute hepatitis C can be treated with several months of combination therapy with ribavirin and interferon alpha, which blocks the replication of hepatitis C virus.

New studies presents another option in treating of Hepatitis C and that is a therapy with pure oxygen. Already for a long time in medicine known antiviral and fungicidal action of gaseous ozone-oxygen mixtures. A new study has now shown that such an ozone-oxygen mixture in patients with chronic Hepatitis C improve the symptoms of those affected as well as the liver function tests could. About 25 percent of patients after therapy with mixture were no longer detectable hepatitis C viruses.

Important in the treatment of hepatitis C is also the consistent abstaining from alcohol. Also, you need medication, which can help shunned of burden the liver. Acute Hepatitis C in over 50 percent of cases turns in chronic hepatitis, which means that the disease persists for more than six months. Approximately two to three percent of the world’s population are infected with HIV. In US, a total of 5,027 new cases of Hepatitis C were registered in 2011.