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Cellulite – unloved dimples on thighs and buttocks

Spring is here, the swimming season is approaching, and countless women begin their annual program against cellulite. What really helps against dents on bottom and thighs – or should we better get used simultaneously with the small dimples?

Cellulite - unloved dimplesA round butt and smooth legs – what woman does not dream of a toned body? The reality is different: more than 90 percent of the female population are more or less affected by cellulite – whether big or small, rich or lean. Responsible are simply anatomical conditions, because women have a relatively thin top and a relatively flexible leather skin. Sitting in the subcutis many (compared to men more) fat cells that form the so-called fat chambers and become visible as dimples. Also, estrogen, the female hormone ensures that fat preferably intercalates in women at hips, buttocks and thighs. This basic connective tissue therefore can not change anything – even though many women can immaculately trimmed dream body difficult to accept this unfortunate aesthetic point of fact the times.

Counteract cellulite – from the inside.

Although the causes of the so-called orange peel can not fix, but rather the extent of medical totally harmless dents influenced by appropriate measures. Stimulants like alcohol, coffee, and not least nicotine encourage the formation of cellulite, because they constrict the vessels. Likewise unfavorable to the conjunctiva are acid-forming foods take effect: In addition to sugar and carbohydrates from white flour include animal proteins in excess it. In order to prevent or alleviate cellulite, such food may therefore only be enjoyed in moderation; on cigarettes should – primarily for health reasons, of course – the best complete without. The vitamins and enzymes contained in fresh fruits and vegetables strengthen the connective tissue, relieve the metabolism and should be on the menu daily. Also, adequate fluid intake keeps your metabolism going.

Anti-cellulite program from the outside.

While you can move the unpopular dents using a balanced diet from the inside to the body, also promise some externally applied measures of success. Through endurance sports such as jogging, swimming or dancing, excess pounds off, let them and build muscle – both very good conditions for a smoother skin on the affected parts of the body. Brush massages and scrubs stimulate the blood circulation, whereby excess water accumulations are removed more effectively; the skin cell renewal is encouraged. Contrast showers not only strengthen the circulation, but also the connective tissue: It draws in cold conditions and is visibly firmed. Creams and oils can have a positive effect on the appearance of the skin as well. Will the dents in spite of all the measures in place, serenity is the word: Finally, is mentioned under 90 percent of the women not alone.