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Homeopathy the immediate response to acute injury

As a complement to conventional medicine today, more and more people in a gentle therapies such as homeopathy. Here, different homeopathic remedies have also been shown to be helpful for treating acute injuries. In severe injuries but an emergency physician should always be alert or a doctor be consulted.

Homeopathy Unlike diseases injuries are caused by sudden events such as a stroke, a wrong move or a fall. Both lacerations and bruises, strains or lumbago are considered acute injuries, their complaints using homeopathic globules, tablets or ointments alleviated or their healing processes can be positively supported. If in doubt, and in severe injury, a doctor should always be consulted. Until then, and for minor injuries homeopathic preparations may, in addition to conventional first aid measures, such as disinfecting wounds, are used for example to avoid severe swelling or bruising, reduce the pain or to stimulate wound healing. Here, in homeopathy nature and location of the injury and personal symptoms decisive for the choice of means, because depending on the injured tissue and by the patient, different drugs are used.

Use of homeopathic remedies for injuries.

According to the basic principle of homeopathy to treat like with like, the selection of a suitable agent according to the law of similars. To determine the appropriate means, must first be determined the complaints and personal symptoms. For example, if the injury is done by a blunt blow or a fall and the injured body part aches as if bruised, Arnica is the drug of choice. If any symptoms and types of complaints the right agent is selected short time improvement is already noticeable in acute cases of ingestion.
Arnica and other important emergency funds

Among the most important means for injuries:

  • Arnica with any type of injury associated with swelling and bruising
  • Rhus at strain or sprain of ligaments, tendons, joints and muscles
  • Aconitum in shock symptoms
  • Staphysagria in cuts and operations
  • Calendula tincture for hemostasis, wound cleansing and healing
  • Ledum mosquito bites and other stab wounds
  • Bumblebee with bee and wasp stings
  • Hypericum for very painful injuries and bruises

Basically, homeopathic remedies can be used alone or as a supplement to a conventional medical treatment, but they replace conventional measures such as a wound disinfectant or vaccinated against tetanus not.