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Does Tai Chi helps in case of Parkinson’s better than classical physiotherapy?

In case of Parkinson Tai Chi is apparently more effective, than previously was thought. That it’s even superior to a classic physiotherapy strength training, has now demonstrated a study.Tai Chi

Parkinson’s is a slowly progressive neurological disorder in which brain cells die off gradually producing the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine transmits signals between nerve cells that control our movements. Missing this messenger substance, lose the movements out of control. Typical symptoms are then movement disorders such as slowing, rigidity (rigor) or trembling (tremor). Many Parkinson’s patients suffer at an advanced stage, even under adverse equilibrium. Those affected will therefore often recommended physiotherapy and physical exercise to strengthen muscles, to train the sense of balance and thus counteract the physical decline. Tai Chi can also be supportive. Now a study has shown that Tai Chi can achieve even better in direct comparison to conventional physiotherapy results.

That Far East Movement and therapies such as Qi Gong or Tai Chi are suitable to preserve even in the elderly, the motor skills and improve. In the current study, the scientist Fuzhong Li from Oregon Research Institute in Oregon shows the benefits of tai chi has now been checked specifically for Parkinson’s patients and compared directly with a physiotherapy strength training. 195 Parkinson’s patients who were suffering from mild to moderate symptoms took six months participated in the study. First, they were divided into three groups. During the first attended twice a week at a Tai Chi training, the second group graduated from strength exercises within a conventional physiotherapy. Participants of the third group led by just simple stretching exercises.

Tai Chi makes you flexible

As expected, in the control group with the stretching exercises no improvement, even more lightweight deteriorations. Recorded in the group with the strength training while on the other hand positive effects. However, the best results can be seen in the Tai Chi group. Participants cut in almost all tests particularly well. They were a total of more flexible, had a significantly improved sense of balance and could rise more quickly and easily from a chair. In addition, there was rare falls in this group.

Tai Chi (actually: Tai Chi Chuan) is a technology developed in China martial art that is practiced by millions of people worldwide mainly for health reasons, for relaxation or meditation. This involves flowing movements, in which the joints are loosened, the body relaxes and the posture is changed positively. Clinical studies have shown that regular practice of tai chi may have a positive impact on various health aspects, such as the cardiovascular system, the immune system, the mobility or the sensation of pain.