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Homeopathy and traveling – homeopathic first aid kit

The homeopathic first aid kit is many followers of alternative medicine still unknown. There are numerous resources that can help relieve discomfort when traveling. Families especially will therefore often resort to drops and globules when they are traveling.

Homeopathy“I suppose then beads”. To describe many friends of homeopathy its approach with mild to moderate symptoms. With the beads but is meant only the dosage form. Homeopathic medicines are also available in drops or tablets. As globules (globules) but they can be easily dosed and also do not contain alcohol. Nevertheless, it is possible to purchase the means presented below in a different form and use. Depending on the disease or injury but are also useful ointments that can accelerate healing.

The most important homeopathy on the road.

Generally recommended for homeopathic first aid kit will include the following means:

  • Arnica (injuries)
  • Apis (insect bites)
  • Bella Donna (infections)
  • Nux Vomica (indigestion)
  • Ferrum phos (incipient infection, fever)
  • Eupatorium (head and body aches)

In this collection, there are so-called single agent. Alternatively, there are combination products to choose from, which consist of various homeopathic potentized substances that reflect the symptoms of his disease pattern. They are usually also available as drops, globules or tablets. Who wants to be sure, opts for an already compiled aid kit that is offered in the pharmacy as a finish. Alternatively, the homeopathic first aid kit is assembled individually. Be supplemented by such offers small counselors that help users to find the right remedy. This is such a practical remedy collection can also easily be enhanced by personal homeopathic remedies.

The right products for the holidays.

Of course, a Caribbean vacation in an emergency other medications are needed than in a ski course in Switzerland. This should be taken into account in the selection of the agent. Although homeopathic remedy for fever, diarrhea, headache, and muscle injuries are standard equipment, but Naturopathy has even more to offer and shall also provide support against viral diseases, sunburns and sleep disorders. It is important that the funds are properly transported and stored. Like all medicines react homeopathic medicines sensitive to sunlight. There is a risk that the effect is no longer present. Anyone planning day trips at high temperatures and wants to take individual agents can manage with plastic vials, sealed with a plug closure. There will fit more than a day’s ration of globules. It is only important to label the vials also. Homeopathic remedies also respond to other substances that may adversely affect their effectiveness. The following should be taken into account therefore:

  • Taking with metal spoon
  • Do not eat at the same time
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol
  • Do not chew (instead let dissolve in the mouth)

Who will start using these preparations on vacation and the advice into account, is well equipped.