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Medicines for children: What you must have?

That children are not small adults, еhey should not get the same medication as adults. Nevertheless, they still often get even today, despite new EU Directive drugs that have been tested only in adults. Here, children react to many drugs differently.

Medicines for childrenWhether high fever in a middle ear infection or a severe gastrointestinal infections: Which medications from the medicine cabinet, you may give your child safely? Similar problems physicians have also if they want to their young patients have prescribe right medication. There are now a number of Children drugs , for which evidence regarding the effects and possible side effects. However, most of the prescription and nonprescription medications, certainly understandable ethnic grounds, has only been tested in adult volunteers. Physicians and pediatricians must therefore convert the doses on the age and weight of the child with a lot of tact and experience. However, children react sometimes completely differently to medicines than adults. The best example is acetylsalicylic acid. This counter drug which is used in adults for pain and fever control in children under the age of 12 can trigger dangerous Reye’s syndrome. This leads to severe brain and liver damage. But even seemingly harmless home remedies can be dangerous for children. To respond, especially babies and toddlers, to menthol or fighters with breathing problems to respiratory arrest. These ingredients are found in many cold medications.

Even if drugs, then only in the prescribed dosage.

Though should not be used in children as possible, on drugs, they are unavoidable with serious diseases such as bacterial infections, cancer, or systemic diseases. Then the medication prescribed by the doctor should be taken as directed. In no case, the dosage and duration of use couldn’t be changed arbitrarily. And even when the counter products should be used on children as possible drugs. Among those are experiences on the effect and possible side effects. And there’s specially designed here for children dosage forms, for example as juice or suppositories are available. The same holds true for ointments, gels and creams.