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How seniors can strengthen their immune defense

Even those who have been born healthy in the second half of life, was now very well take care of themselves. Because the immune system loses from about the age of 70 some of its agility. But the immunity and strengthen exchanging ideas.

Senior healthy couple The body’s immune defense system loses in older holders of power, the immune response to vaccination falls in principle worse. When influenza infections such as the fever is rising much more slowly, the pathogen spread correspondingly rapid from the body. Sufferers do the first infection often than trifle off because the “usual” symptoms first occur not particularly strong. One more reason to hurry to pull the medical advice on the occurrence of head, chest and limbs, or severe coughing with sputum.

This also seniors are immune to surprises, it is important to maintain a targeted immune system.

What has changed and what keeps them healthy?

Starting at about 50 years of life, the basal metabolic rate of the body begins to change, the decrease calorie needs. Which increases the need for vitamins and minerals.

Many older people take long-term medications that affect the metabolism and the degradation of necessary nutrients from the food block. The ability to work with a small sun vitamin D synthesized through the skin, can significantly after starting mid-life. If there is no solar vitamin D, bones and immune system stability are threatened. Nutritional dietary supplements can help prevent deficiencies there. Probate ways to stay healthy:

  • A cigar and enjoyed a good wine will certainly get the joy of life. However, if you continue vigorously and regularly smokes a few glasses of drinking too much, weakens the immune system.
  • Who is frequent and in all seasons outdoors, walks and hikes undertaking and its forces adequately plays sport remains mentally in good spirits and keeps circulation and immune system going.
  • Adequate sleep strengthens the body’s defenses.
  • Even those who have less appetite and thirst, should pay attention to a lot of fresh fruit, salad, vegetables, more protein than carbohydrates and always plenty to take liquid.
  • Vitamins and minerals can optionally also high-quality nutritional supplements out.

Vaccinations for Seniors.

What should I still happen to think many older people – but slowed with age immune response for example opens a tetanus infection again floodgates.

Who much comes into contact with children, vaccination against whooping cough (pertussis) should be taken into account, because the disease is often particularly severe in adults. A duration of immunity is a maximum of 10 years. Vaccination against influenza is recommended for seniors as well as the protection against pneumococcus, the causative agent of pneumonia: Both vaccines protect although not 100%, but avoid threatening complications.