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How to quickly stop a nosebleed?

Nosebleeds happen very often and looks are usually made far worse than it is. To stop the blood flow quickly and effectively, observed some important rules of behavior.

NosebleedDue to the very good circulation of the fine and poorly protected vessels in the nose it is actually surprising that not more people regularly face with nose bleeds. Mechanical changes, pressure from within, but also quite normal growth processes or dry mucous membranes may violate the fine veins quickly. In most cases, the nightmare is over after a short time. Very heavy bleeding or those who do not come to a stop within 10 minutes should be medically examined. Even with known bleeding disorders or taking anticoagulants a rapid visit to the doctor is necessary.

Do’s and Don’ts for nosebleeds.

Under no circumstances should be placed at the nosebleed head back. Because of the connection between the nose and mouth blood flows into the throat, so you can swallowed and regurgitated again under certain circumstances. In addition, the date of any stoppage of bleeding cannot be accurately determined. Also handkerchiefs, cotton balls or the like should be inserted into the nose, because of these aids the wound rupture again.

True, it is to bend the head forward, compress the nostrils for a short time and wait for the release of the bleeding. In clothes wrapped ice pack or a soaked towel with cold water in the neck ensure that the vessels to contract, resulting in less blood can escape.
Frequent nosebleeds may indicate an increased blood pressure or various diseases and is prudent to undergo a medical examination.