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How to recognize broken heart syndrome?

2.5 percent of patients who are suspected in the heart attack in a hospital, suffering from the “broken heart syndrome”. Researchers have now found a biomarker that can distinguish the two disorders apart.

 Broken heart syndrome“Broken heart” can be not just literally. the “broken heart syndrome” can occur in fact, because of the death of a loved one, financial problems or bullying may by an extremely strong emotional stress at work. Its symptoms are similar to those of a heart attack. 2,5 percent of patients who are admitted with suspected myocardial infarction in hospital, suffering from the syndrome of “broken heart” actually.

So far, only a heart catheter investigation can determine if it is a heart attack or the “broken heart syndrome”. Now scientists from the Institute of Molecular and Translational therapy (IMT) at the Hannover Medical School have found that the “broken heart syndrome” can be detected in the blood of patients on the basis of specific microRNAs. “A certain pattern of four microRNAs distinguishes the syndrome of broken heart from a heart attack,” said study leader, who has carried out the study.

The “broken heart syndrome” occurs in 90 percent of cases in older women. Unlike the case of a heart attack, after heart broken syndrome often recovers again completely. Nevertheless, the fault must be taken seriously. Because in the acute phase, the syndrome is quite life threatening. Four to five percent of these patients die from it. The researchers now hope that the new test in a few years will be available in clinics. First, however, need to confirm the results of other studies, and the detection method for microRNAs to be optimized.