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World No Tobacco Day 2015: cessation is trendy

Since 1987, every year on May 31 World No Tobacco Day, organized by the World Health Organization in cooperation with the American Cancer Aid and the Coalition for non-smoking. Despite the success of anti-smoking campaigns of recent years still smokes about a third of all Americans over 15 years, equivalent to 20 million people.

World No Tobacco DayConfirm annually about five million dead: Smoking as well as passive smoking make you sick. In America currently fall 8% of the total population in the high-risk category of heavy smokers who consume 20 cigarettes a day and more.
The World No Tobacco Day, initiated by WHO, is mainly used for reconnaissance and as a counter-propaganda. Smoking bans in public and massive information on the harmful effects of smoking make long since a positive impact. Especially in the age group 12-25, the smoking rate declined from 28 to 12%. But a day are consumed in America still estimated more than 220 million cigarettes.

World No Tobacco Day-themed 2015: health in the balance.

The theme of this year’s World Non smoking day is no accident: treatment and follow-up costs of illnesses and deaths swallow nicotine abuse despite declining trend over 24 billion euros annually.

Above all, the drug nicotine ensures that it never stays with only a cigarette while smoking. Because nicotine altered brain metabolism by also increases the secretion of the hormone dopamine chance and drive as the number of dopamine receptors. This leads to addictive behavior. More consumed cigarettes now let thousands of toxic or carcinogenic substances over the smoke into the lungs and from there enter the bloodstream. Smokers threaten, among other.

  • Respiratory and cardiovascular diseases
  • Oxygen deficiency
  • Deteriorated dental hygiene and dental health
  • Post-menopausal osteoporosis
  • Impotence
  • Cancer

These are good reasons to stop quickly in spite of possible withdrawal symptoms to smoking and to protect the health of others as their own.

Finally, non-smoking: How it works.

To renounce smoking, motivation, perseverance and support are necessary, for example in the form of literature, counseling and therapy or online exit programs. Pharmacists and physicians know what to do:

  • Nicotine replacement products are available without a prescription as a lozenge, inhaler, patch or gum at the pharmacy. The supply of toxic tobacco ingredients omitted, the dopamine receptors in the brain are gradually “weaned” by the variable nicotine dose. The demand determines the duration of use.
  • Proven in the application and recommended here are the production of NicoDream and Nicorex.