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How to stop obesity and overeat?

Recent research results have shown that calories from bread, refined sugar and processed foods promote overeating while calories from fresh, whole vegetables, protein and fiber reduce hunger.

OvereatCalories are not equal to calories, therefore it can not work if you try to lose weight by counting calories alone. Obesity has something to do with the resistance to the hormone leptin, which regulates appetite, helps burn calories and to regulate body fat levels.

The obesity epidemic is closely linked to the increase of the daily calorie consumption. We concluded, that the human brain is not sufficient to distinguish modern, processed foods from fresh food.

Recent research results indicate that the what you eat , can make a big difference, and not so much how much you eat.

Some results of a study , for example, noted that calories from grains, refined sugar and processed foods promote overeating while calories from fresh, whole vegetables, protein and fiber attracted a decrease in feelings of hunger by itself.

Not all calories have an identical effect.

Calories are not created equal calories. Source of calories makes the difference.Groundbreaking results show that the calories from fructose hold a special meaning here. Fructose is isocaloric but not iso metabolically. This means that identical calorie counts of fructose or glucose, fructose and protein, or fructose and fat to different, if not completely different metabolic effects lead.

The reason for the difference in the metabolic effect is mainly of that different nutrients provoke different hormonal responses, and these hormonal responses to determine how much fat the body accumulates and retains.

Why not work just the idea that you lose weight by counting calories alone.

Fructose, other sugars and grains are some of the overly consumed foods that promote weight gain and chronic diseases.Another dogmatic belief is the simple approach, obesity arises only by too many calories and too little exercise.

not only have a high calorie intake and lack of exercise are responsible for obesity, but there are also many other factors that cause obesity, including the type of food that you choose.The body’s ability to burn fat as a primary fuel, is at the forefront. Due to insulin and leptin resistance, most people have in the western world impaired enzyme activity and can burn the fats worse.

The science of obesity.

During the first law of thermodynamics does not apply to humans, there are still some things that you should consider, such as the research results shows:

  • Your fullness is blocked
  • Your body loses its ability to burn fat.

This means that for you to be severely overweight, you must first be leptin-resistant. Leptin is a hormone that helps to regulate the appetite. When leptin levels rise, this signals the body that you are full. Refined sugar (fructose in particular) is particularly effective in the development of leptin resistance and blocks the fat burning.

But a lot of people disagrees with this concept. They believes that the most effective way to the development of leptin resistance is the intake of refined fats. A reduction in fat intake does not apply to the healthy fats such as coconut oil, avocados, butter and olive oil, but for processed and refined industrialized soya, maize and rape seed oil.

To discuss other effects of leptin resistance.

Once the brain has lost its sensitivity to leptin, it is perceived the situation by poor nutrition as normal and thus you get more body fat mass.

Toxic foods irritate the metabolic function

The extensive use of sugar – especially in the form of corn syrup, which is added to almost every processed food – is the centerpiece of the whole. Not to be underestimated is the impact of chemicals and the creation of addictive foods. Very revealing is that in contrast to the Third World countries, the poorest people in the US, for example, have the highest rate of obesity.

This apparent contradiction is a clear indication that the problem depends on the diet. Creating the cheapest and most readily available food a large metabolic damage for humans, and that is already proven by numerous scientific studies.

Researching the addictive potential of processed foods shows that the food business have perfected masterfully by the use of salt, fat, sugar and a variety of flavorings, the art of the manufacture of narcotic-promoting foods.

This creates weight, diabetes and high cholesterol, hypertension and heart attacks , all diseases which are clearly linked to processed foods in combination.

How to become slim again?

There are two primary dietary recommendations that can help to get a slim body back:

1. Avoid sugar, refined fructose, cereals and processed foods.

2. Eat a healthy diet of whole foods, really organic origin and replace the carbohydrates from cereals:

  • Large quantities of fresh vegetables
  • moderate amounts of high quality protein.
  • Much quality healthy fats (saturated and monounsaturated fats).

Another strategy that works really well, is intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting, or “planned food”, is one of the best interventions to lose excess weight. The body works more efficiently and burn fat as a primary fuel instead of sugar. By increasing the insulin sensitivity and efficiency of mitochondrial energy fasting also assists in slowing of disease processes that are associated with insulin resistance.

By fasting, the body also benefits by reducing oxidative stress. Intermittent Fasting also has the magical side effect in the elimination of hunger hot on sugar and junk food.

Results of intermittent fasting usually occur only after weeks or months.

If you then only have to maintain the ideal weight, you can take more meals a day again. If you need to lose excess weight and want to protect the health, one should refrain from processed foods.Last but not least, physical exercise increases the benefits of proper nutrition.