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Warning: sweeteners can make perhaps sick and fat!

Who nowadays pay attention to his shapes, but sweet will not disdain the accesses like to artificial sweeteners. Especially in the sugar-free soft drinks and candy sellers are sweeteners contained in large amounts. Bring (almost) no calories in the stomach and therefore were far as weight loss aid and protection against diabetes. Both, however, seem to be sadly mistaken …

Sweeteners Artificial sweeteners are additives that must be on every product, in which they are contained, declared, either with their name or their e-ID. Therefore, many names are known sweeteners: acesulfame (E 950), Advantan (E969), aspartame (E951), aspartame-acesulfame salt (E962), cyclamate (E952), neohesperidin (E959), neotame (E961), saccharin (E954), sucralose (E955), stevioside (E960) and thaumatin (E957).

Previously held the official posts which are to watch over public health, these artificial ingredients is safe. In animal experiments, in which the animals ate large amounts of sweeteners daily in extremely high doses, came to light at adverse effects (kidney damage or bladder cancer). Those doses were divided by 100 and give the amount (mg/kg body weight per day), which may take the person a day to be (Acceptable Daily Intake = ADI). At this type of evaluation, many experts doubt, but yet it is in Europe continue to be valid.

Now new studies with the sweeteners saccharin, sucralose and aspartame have been made that require a rethinking: in mice and humans, took the sweeteners, it could be shown that these additives had an effect on the bacterial colonization in the intestine and even metabolism in animals and humans. 4 of 7 animals showed after taking sweeteners poorer glucose tolerance. And such blood results of humans make evidence of incipient diabetes (diabetes type II). Impressive is especially the short duration, which is necessary for this change in metabolism: For mouse took seven days saccharin and shows just from the 4th day all changes.

The researchers are also monitoring data from 381 participants in an ongoing clinical study of: For those who used sweeteners, all blood glucose levels (fasting plasma glucose, long-term value, glucose tolerance test) were worse than those of non-sweetener consumers. In addition, the sweetener consumers were all overweight. The analysis showed change in the intestine and at all bacterial colonization. So far, no final conclusions from these new results.It must be made more attempts and more results are should be collected. The researchers are currently working on with sweeteners and in the foreseeable future we will know more about the not so insignificant effects on humans.

But one thing is already clear!

Artificial sweeteners are not a healthy way to replace the sweetness in human nutrition. The best solution is, sugar and all sugars substances to avoid as far as possible all consequences. And so how it’s naturally we can eat it for sure. Those who do not manage, should use in its natural diet sugar alternatives. Stevia leaves are one such alternative, as well as the tooth-friendly xylitol (birch sugar). The latter is indeed made from wood by synthetically way, but it is a natural substance that can be introduced into the human metabolism – without generate of unknown or even dangerous harmful substances.