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In the fall of health dangers lurk already in shaking hands

Meanwhile, the days are getting shorter and the autumn has arrived. In addition to the golden days means also wet cold rainy weather, which is added to the body and makes it more susceptible to diseases. In addition lumbago, dry skin and depression are especially cold viruses on the health hazards in the fall.

Fall of health So cold, cough and sore throat have now strengthened season, because the cold and rain, many people turn to a walk in the fresh air and keep prefer to warm rooms. But that is what contributes to an increased susceptibility to infection. Firstly, the warm air heating dries out the mucous membranes in the nose and throat, so that they can fend off pathogens worse. On the other hand weaken cold and wet reduce body’s defenses. Both factors together make the body more susceptible to cold viruses that enter the body through the mucous membranes and cause the typical symptoms of a cold or flu. The transmission via a so-called droplet infection occurs because when coughing or sneezing get the smallest drops human secretions with the viruses contained in the air, on objects such as door knobs or on the hands. You only need contact with these objects or just by shaking hands, and the virus can then spread from person to person.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Whether you actually infected, all depends on the number of recorded viruses and on the strength of one’s own immune system. To reduce the risk of infection, the immune system should be strengthened, especially in autumn. In addition to fresh air and exercise, especially a balanced diet rich in vitamins have important. In addition, can be supported with minerals, trace elements and vitamins the body’s defenses. Two very suitable and common representatives which are zinc and vitamin C. Of course, the hygiene plays a role. Thus, by regular hand washing, especially after contact with people already colds, contagion risk is significantly reduced. And if it does, you still get caught, usually help calm and drink a lot, supplemented by natural remedies.