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Individual help in case of dandruff

Although dandruff rarely is the result of lack of hair care, they are perceived by most people as unhygienic. There is no necessary in serious efforts in treatment skin disorder, dandruff can often using simple care tips to get a grip.

DandruffThe skin renews itself for a lifetime at regular intervals, the top layer of skin is removed in the form of tiny flakes of skin. Under normal circumstances, these particles are so small that the human eye cannot perceive their. Dandruff we can see because they are conglomerates of many particles. Produced by scalp too much sebum, this can clog the tiny flakes of skin, making them particularly visible on dark clothing as white dots. Often these excessive skin reaction is accompanied by a particularly unpleasant for those affected itching. Depending on the cause of the increased formation of dandruff there are different ways to soothe the scalp.

A question of skin.

A universally effective remedy for dandruff does not exist. Dandruff is the, both the result of too dry as well as for oily scalp. System oily scalp creates optimal living conditions for belonging to the natural yeast flora of the skin and stimulates the formation of dandruff. Targeted hair care and special anti-dandruff shampoos remove excess fat and counteract the proliferation of the fungus. For dry scalp frequent hair washing is not recommended. Likewise,using of dry hair by dryer and heating air, aggressive styling products and even air conditioners undesirable, as this rather irritable for sensitive scalp. In this case, baby shampoos and hair care with olive oil, the drug of choice. However, stubborn dandruff with intense itching of the scalp scabs, needs require medical treatment because they can occur as a secondary symptom of general skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis or fungal infections.