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Recognize signs of rheumatism in time

In rheumatism is the most common is inflammatory of joint disease. Also, is considered to be that older people are affected only, but the disease occurs in all age groups. Since the creation process of rheumatic diseases hitherto unexplored, the treatment options are merely symptomatic, but have a longer symptom-free period.

Rheumatism Rheumatic diseases are not strictly limited to the joints, but also can be related with skin, eyes or internal organs. In normal usage, however, availability of rheumatoid arthritis meant a relapsing disease of the joints. The causes of this incurable disease have not been clarified to date. It is believed that it is an autoimmune response wherein the immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s own tissue and destroyed in the course of an inflammatory response. In addition to blood tests, X-rays of the affected joints made diagnostic value, and can help with timely treatment which can slow the disease.

Recognize signs of rheumatism and take it seriously.

Through the early diagnosis it is possible to slow disease progression and prevent stronger complaints. Most commonly rheumatoid arthritis meets on hands and feet. First rheumatism symptoms are hot, painful and swollen fingers or toes , which remain stiff after waking up long. In addition, a related fatigue malaise can set. In the further course there is extremely painful pathological deformations of the joints , which complicate for the affected normal life. The diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis occurs in addition to blood tests on X-ray images show the beginning of a change in bone structure. Although rheumatism is not yet curable, you can try to curb the immune response. And that is most effective action to the earlier the disease is detected.