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Interdental brushes for thorough dental care

Caries and gum infections are the main causes of premature tooth loss. In order to protect the teeth against is not just a regular checkup at the dentist’s important, but also the daily dental care. In addition to brushing and flossing. This will also interdental brushes have proved that allow a thorough cleaning between the teeth.

Dental carePain, bleeding gums and holes in the teeth are often the result of a disturbed oral flora, because the oral cavity is colonized by a variety of microorganisms. These are usually located in a natural balance, but which can be disturbed by a number of factors. For example, eating habits, taking certain medications, and poor oral hygiene can lead to an excessive increase in microorganisms. As a result, store bacteria and other organisms as off-white, adherent coatings above all on the teeth. It is now certain that exactly this plaque are responsible for the development of caries and periodontal disease if they are not removed by appropriate measures.

Brushing alone is not enough.

Even if you brush your teeth after every meal every day, does not manage to remove all plaque thoroughly. Because with a toothbrush can be cleaned only three of the five sides of a tooth. However, part of the tooth surfaces are not accessible by simply brushing. Especially in these areas in between teeth often collect food particles and thus provide an optimal environment for bacteria and other microorganisms. Help provide various other dental care products here. In addition to the well-known dental floss, but requires some practice, can mostly with specially developed for the interdental cleaning with interdental brushes remove plaque optimal. In this case, these brushes have opposite floss a decisive advantage, because even if the teeth closely in the top section, usually larger gaps are present in the vicinity of the gums. While flossing can not or only poorly threading through in these cases as a small pipe cleaner constructed interdental brushes can easily clean the most important area between the gum and tooth. But even for wearers of braces, bridges or implants are an ideal tool interdental brushes, as they clean small spaces thoroughly.

For each correct interdental brush.

Important for the optimal use an interdental brush first is the size. Thus, the brush with moderately severe pressure should fit easily into the interdental space, because without printing it remains ineffective, and if too much pressure can cause injury. In addition, as well as personal needs and individual dental situation play a role in the selection of appropriate brushes. Selection criteria are:

  • Diameter
  • Length
  • Wire thickness
  • Bristle shape and hardness
  • Surgical Steel, plastic-coated wire or plastic
  • Long or short holder