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International Women Day

Worldwide women  celebrate on March 8, International Women Day each year. In order to give the demand for equal rights and the women’s suffrage emphasis, for the first time in 1911 were countless women in many countries on the road.

International Women's DayIn August 1910, the introduction of the International Women’s Day was decided – the Socialist Clara Zetkin had, based on the American model, are used for this. The focus of this protest was clearly the women’s suffrage, for the Socialist Party had uttered a long time. The first Women’s Day was celebrated then on 19 March 1911 in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Austria-Hungary, since then had its place in the calendar and found since 1921 always held on 8 March. After the introduction of women’s suffrage engaged other topics such as regular school meals, working time reduction, and the legalization of abortion in the focus of the action. Even today, the equality of the sexes is not self-evident in innumerable countries. In our time, therefore, make every year millions of women against violence and oppression, to equal opportunities and equal wages strong.

Women today – important or unnecessary?

Although the rights of women are also in our time in front of the International Women’s Day and there are annual campaigns on the subject instead, but has the political aspect lost importance. Some women get roses or other gifts or be spared when it comes to speeding ticket while parked in some countries, women have half day free. Critics accordingly, the action was advanced to a second Valentine’s Day. But why not combine both? To use during a rally for urgent matters to donate money to attend lectures on the subject or even to put something on her legs, of course, is immensely important. And yet: The personal batteries every woman want to be charged regularly.

Women, nonpolitical.

So why not spend one more personal Women’s Day – with your best friend, daughter, or even all alone? Do you, for example, with a leisurely breakfast, fresh fruit and maybe a glass of champagne at the time all to yourself one. A stroll through the city followed by a café visit could follow. If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle, you can relax with a walk in nature. There is also a sauna increases the well-being and quickly creates a relaxing day out. For those who can come to rest at home best, a relaxing bath with a fragrant addition, a nourishing face mask or a relaxing massage is recommended. Can decide the Women, for example, with a good meal, whether prepared in the restaurant or yourself, or a good book. After such a break of everyday life goes back much easier on the hand.