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Help of Mindfulness Training in case of pain and burnout?

At this year’s congress, the American Pain Society accent attention on the efficacy of mindfulness training for chronic pain and stress.Mindfulness Training

In case of burnout is often a disturbed stress management center. Likewise, chronic pain are often associated with stress and mental health problems. Mindfulness training can help to reduce stress. This allows to help with both, burnout and chronic pain.

In mindfulness meditation, the patient learns not-judgmental deal with pain and stress. Thereby it can develop an attitude of acceptance, the tendency to avoid or control decreases and the orientation on your own values rises again. This also allows feel the sensation of meaning in life, which seems to be often lost during burnout and chronic pain, to strengthen again.

American Pain Society emphasizes sense of mindfulness training.

The useful effect of mindfulness training in case of various ailments has been proven in numerous studies already. More recently, a study has shown that already after eight weeks of mindfulness training, has become smaller, the density of gray matter in the amygdala, which is responsible for the processing of pain and fear, while they control in the areas of the brain, the self-perception, memory and learning has rise.

Meanwhile, students have also shown that especially in a one-sided pain therapy, such as painkillers or surgery, often has benefits only recently. The best effect, however, shows a combination of different therapies, like the psychotherapeutic help, relaxation exercises or mindfulness training. Therefore, at this year’s congress of American Pain Society stressed, that the mindfulness training can reduce chronic stress and it’s useful part of a multimodal pain therapy.