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Is smoking harmful for women more than for men?

Women die almost four times as likely as men from the effects of smoking. But quitting smoking is not easy – even though many fear weight gain.Smoking

Men smoke more than women. But if women smoke, it is more dangerous for them than for men. To average 10.5 years, the lives of women shortened by tobacco consumption. In men, however, are “only” 2.9 years. Why women are at risk from smoking more than men is unknown. Furthermore, there is no scientific study. Perhaps hormonal fluctuations may be a cause. Given the numbers, it is all the more alarming that women smoke more often. On the occasion of this year’s World Non smoking day reported by the Statistical Office, the proportion of women deaths has risen dramatically caused by smoking. An estimated 14,000 women died in 2010 in America from the effects of smoking. This is around 36 percent more than they was ten years ago.

Although men die more often than women overall still on the consequences of tobacco use, as they smoke more frequently, but the women are catching up. While the proportion of women in the total caused by lung diseases such as , bronchial, laryngeal and tracheal cancer deaths was in 2001 at 25 percent, but in 2010 already around 31 percent. Head of cancer prevention at the American Association for Cancer Research, here provides a dramatic development. If this continues as set, “then the lung cancer in women will soon replace the breast cancer as the number one killer in the tumors.“ Whether the cancers are always caused by smoking, could be ascertained although not one hundred percent. But at least you know that approximately 90 percent of all people who die from lung cancer were smokers in past.

Fear of gaining weight.

A positive trend can be found at the children and youth recorded. With them the number of smokers has fallen. Meanwhile applies smoking among many young people as “out” – especially among those with a good education. While in 2001 were still smoking, 28 percent of 12- to 17-year-olds, there were last year only 12 per cent. Among adults aged 18 and over it is against any third party who regularly smoke. Particularly high is the smoking rate among young adults aged 18 to 29 years. In this age group includes 38 percent of women and 43 percent of men. All they are smokers.

Most smokers would like to quit smoking, but many do not make it. The main problem is the psychological dependence. Furthermore, the concern to prevent a weight gain many mind that giving up smoking. This is especially true for women, but increasingly also for men. According research, talking about 60 percent of ex-smokers between two and a half and four Extra. To prevent weight gain, a change in diet is just in the initial period after the cessation important. Along with more movement can with a healthy, vitamin-rich and low-calorie diet, the weight to be kept.