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Corns, unnecessary pain

Good for those who do not. The corn is one of the most painful skin diseases, which is rarely dangerous. What is commonly described as small cause with great effect, even drives the hard-boiled tears to my eyes. That’s reason enough to thoroughly check the corns.

Corns, unnecessary painWhether or corn crows eye, in addition to the medical term Clavus, knows the painful corneal change some names. What is meant is always an in-depth calluses, which has the shape of a cone and extends up close to the bone. It affects mostly the toes of the body carrying unhealthy pressure on the footwear. Also are anatomical differences, such as misalignments, increases the risk that a corn developed. Alternatively, such a column Horn also be caused by a virus, in this case, is of a viral warts the speech.

First aid for corns.

Inappropriate footwear is a major source for the development of painful skin lesions. A corn does not have to be. If a shoe does not have the shape of the foot, because it tapers or is much narrower than the foot and also continues to exert pressure through hard leather, the risk of unpleasant disease is high. Those who believe that only women are affected, is wrong. In fact, the issue has become widespread and well known among men. Pressure Protection Plaster alleviate the pressure of an affected site from corn. It goes without saying that tight shoes can not be compensated solely by such a patch. The less pressure also irritates the skin, the better. Further help drug-containing corn plaster and tinctures that are applied selectively and provide fast relief. If all that is not enough, it’s time for a trip to the podiatrist. It examines the corn and decides whether a surgical impression is necessary. He will also discuss with the patient the trigger. If malocclusions be the cause, he is the right person for relieving deposits.

Proper treatment of corns.

It is not always the wrong shoes. Could the doctor rule out the socks must be taken as a reason to consider. Too thick stockings irritate the skin and practicing unhealthy pressure. If a virus is the trigger for the corn, in addition to a drug treatment a customized foot care is essential. Air-permeable shoes are particularly well suited to relieve the skin and to improve the environment on the surface. Since viral diseases often associated with a weakened immune system, it is useful to review the critical habits. Again, it is advisable not to perform the treatment on their own, but trained personnel, if necessary, also to consult the family doctor.